Interceptive Orthodontics

Orthodontists specialize in practices to prevent or decrease the severity of developing malocclusions by preserving the quality of an otherwise healthy growing oral structure. When you notice an issue earlier, treatment can be shorter and less expensive to future developments that are left untreated. Common preventative treatments include:

Space Maintainers

A space maintainer is an orthodontic tool we use after a milk tooth has fallen out, that keeps the space open so that the permanent tooth can erupt into its expected position. It is a modest device that can protect your child from many months of orthodontic treatment.

Guided Eruption

We could prevent crowding if treatment begins while the permanent front teeth are erupting. We do this by creating more space for the teeth and allowing natural alignment to occur.

Dental Headgear

Headgear is a preventive option used to adjust the way the upper and lower molars fit together. We can also use headgear to create extra space for the permanent teeth to align properly. Thankfully, your child won't need to wear headgear all the time - it can only be worn in the home and at night while your child sleeps.