Dental check-ups

What can you expect during a dental visit?

  • Full oral assessment.
  • A thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums.
  • X-ray examination.
  • Information on dental health care.

Dental check-ups are just as important as general health evaluations. Even if you think your teeth and gums are healthy, it is essential to go for a check up the same way you would for the rest of your body. The general recommendation for a dental evaluation is every 6 months but can vary depending on your individual needs.

If you have had dental surgery, have gum disease or have had any cosmetic enhancement on your teeth, you may need to come in for a check-up more frequently. Your dental check-up is to remove tartar build-up and possibly find diseases and other issues. The conditions of your fillings, veneers or dental crowns are also checked to tackle any potential complications before they can progress.

What can you expect?

The dentist will start by making sure you felt as comfortable, relaxed and refreshed as possible. You can then discuss your health and main dental concerns if you have any. They will examine your mouth and talk you through your options and possible outcomes, and then develop a dental treatment plan.