Emergency Dentistry

Accidents happen all the time, but what happens when you find yourself in need of urgent help? Dental injuries that may seem insignificant can affect your soft tissue. An untreated tooth infection could expand to other parts of the head and neck and cause severe health problems. We can stop any damage from getting worse and return you to normal life.

If you are experiencing a Dental Emergency please contact:
Dr Desai: 084 208 6383
Or NHC Bryanston: 011 700 6645

Common Emergencies Include:

Knocked out tooth
Teeth can easily be knocked out during sporting activities and violent occurrences. The best thing to do is to try and get the tooth back into the socket, either by placing it into position or biting down on it. To avoid additional damage and infection, do not touch the tooth root. If you can't keep the tooth in the socket, soak it in milk until you see your dentist.

Facial Pain and Tissue Injury
Tissue injuries usually comprise of damage to the tongue, cheeks, gums and lips. The causes of facial pain typically include the temporomandibular joints, jaw muscles and occlusions. Aspirin or ibuprofen should not be taken in these cases, as they can cause excessive bleeding.

Difficulties with interim restorations
Tampering with restoration before consulting your dentist can be dangerous. It is essential to keep temporary restorations in position to avoid moving and to avoid painful infections in the future.

Should you need a dental emergency, there are a few things you can do until you can see your dentist. However, if you are bleeding or your nerves in danger in any way, it is best to seek help immediately. So it is essential to visit the dentist regularly. To find out how you can avoid dental incidents, and how to manage emergencies, contact our office for a consultation.